Olabisi Obideyi

Olabisi Obideyi

Senior Pastor

Lived and died in Christ, 06 October 2016, aged 49 years old.

Following a Holy Spirit encounter in 2004, Pastor Olabisi became founder and senior pastor of Freedom House International Ministries. She is also CEO of Divine Grace publishing, a Christian publishing company dedicated to Christian book publishing, flyer designs, logos and other Kingdom glorifying designs and print work.

Further to her initial deliverance experience in the early part of year 2004, Pastor Olabisi had another stunning ‘open vision’ encounter of heaven and hell in the latter part of year 2004. Her amazing extended vision of heaven and hell now form the contents of her other popular book entitled Hell on Earth.

The combination of her experiences has further strengthened her passion to spread the Good News of Christ’s deliverance powers across the world using all available avenues including television, radio, Internet and also through her Holy Spirit-inspired writings. Pastor Olabisi holds an LLB (hons) degree in law. You can read all about pastor Olabisi’s amazing deliverance testimony in this eBook.

Founding Pastor of Freedom House International Ministries - London UK following a Holy Spirit encounter. Further had an open vision experience of Heaven and Hell as depicted in her book "Hell on Earth" in the year 2004.

She was born Olabisi Oluwayemisi Obideyi

She was the Senior Pastor at Freedom House, an Evangelist, Prophet,Teacher, Psalmist, Writer, Publisher, Housing Practitioner. Held an LLB in Law.

She was the Visioneer of Hope Alliance UK, an organisation of various people in the Body of Christ, coming together with a common goal of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world, to bring the lost souls from darkness into Light. Expressing the love of Christ in acts of kindness.

She was mother to Temitope and Precious.

Author of many books:
Hell on Earth
Holy Spirit led Prayers
From Captivity to Freedom House
Victorious Forever
What if You are Wrong?
Church Without Walls
Son don't Quit
Conversation in Master Dominion (an actual conversation with God)
Open Vision Revelation of the End Times Global World
(A cry for Judgement upon the Wicked)

She slept in the Lord on 06 October 2016.